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The Food Mission

Transform your dining experience, one locally-sourced meal at a time

Chef Coral’s daily menus are written based on exactly what her local farm partners are growing. Her approach is simple, yet rarely executed anywhere in San Diego. Her endless pursuit to source and showcase exclusively San Diego farmers, fishermen and purveyors since 2015 has earned her a reputation of “true farm to table”.

At home you can find her picking rare and exotic fruits from her garden like papaya, cherimoya, pineapple, gooseberry, surinam cherry and various banana varieties. Several days a week you’ll see local farmers delivering produce directly to her door. As a firm believer that food is medicine, she believes we should all indulge in the best produce, seafood, meats and dairy products to elevate our food experience to the next level. She believes in ensuring the highest quality ingredients are used and everything is made from scratch by her hands only.

When she gets in the kitchen she creates each menu based on the needs of each guest. Her multi-cultural influence and non-traditional take on modern seasonal cuisine leaves you asking questions like “how did you make that” and commenting “wow, I didn’t think I liked broccoli, peas, tomatoes until I tried yours”! A true testament to real food made with real ingredients at their peak freshness!

Each guest will have their dishes tailored to individual needs, with all dietary restrictions & allergies accommodated.

Good food isn’t cheap, and cheap food isn’t good. Know your source!

Current Farms & Purveyors
Stehly Farms
Scintilla Farms
Three Sons Farm
Two Forks Farm
Tunaville Market
Dig Down Deep
D’Acquisto Farms
Wild Willow Farm
Rancho Guejito
Scratch House Vegan Specialties