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About Chef Coral

Chef Coral successfully ran her restaurant Garden Kitchen from 2015 until 2022. As a hyper local produce chef, she chose to explore beyond traditional restaurant life, finding a new work life balance and hasn’t looked back as she now enjoys the many facets of a flexible and nomadic Chef Life. You can enjoy her cuisine through her home based Bespoke dinner club, private chef events, pop ups at local wineries, wine pairing events or catering throughout San Diego.

Coral grew up around locally sourced food. As a young girl she would hang out in the kitchen asking Mom what she could do to help. When her commercial fisherman father would come home, her job would often entail helping with the freshly caught seafood. During her formative years she lived in Costa Rica and would watch women in the communal kitchens chopping, washing, prepping and laughing during meal preparation, which further instilled her love for food, freshness & laughter.

After years of customer engagement as a server, bartender and cocktail waitress, her love for hospitality & cooking led her to finally realize her innate passion for responsibly sourcing food. Her ever changing menus & cuisines are based on exactly what San Diego farms are growing that day

Her cuisine is 100% from scratch by her hands only. Everything is made exclusively with hyper local produce and responsibly sourced seafood, meats & dairy. She can easily accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, celiac and any other dietary restrictions or allergies.