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Valentines & Upcoming Wine Dinner

Posted Feb 08,2018 0 comments

We have a few quick updates for you…

We’re already booked for Valentine’s Day, but we’ll also be running our special Valentine’s Day Menu on Tuesday 2/13. So if you want to celebrate a day early, this is your chance. On both days we’ll have our special linens out, as well as candles and flowers, so they will be wonderful evenings. Expect to see Beef Tenderloin, Frenched Pork Chops, Vegan/ Vegetarian Risotto & Fresh Catch Seafood! Reservations are of course recommended. 619-431-5755.

Our next Sunday Night Wine Dinner will be Sunday March 4 at 5PM, featuring wine from Edwards Vineyard and produce from Dickinson Farm. There will be 6 courses + 6 wines, the cost is $125 which includes tax + tip, reservations are required. What makes this dinner special is that it’s the first in a series of “Locavore 8.8” dinners we’ll be bringing you throughout the year in our new “field to plate” partnership with Dickinson Farm. As part of this event you have opportunity to visit the farm before the dinner (4PM) and pick some ingredients for dinner! More details about this event here, and read more about our “Locavore” series here.

Hope you’re having a great February and see you soon for your next Garden Kitchen meal!