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October updates: Burgers, Brunch, Halloween and Rain!

Posted Oct 07,2015 0 comments

As the weather finally cools down we are now heading into our sixth month of business! It’s hard to believe, and we could not be doing it without our faithful regulars, as well as all the friendly new followers that have been joining us for dinner. We’re proud to announce that with all of your wonderful feedback on Yelp we are now rated as one of the top restaurants in East San Diego!

At Garden Kitchen we strive to constantly keep things fresh with a menu that highlights great local Suzie’s Farm produce, and in addition to our quality meats we’ve been adding more seafood entrees, opting for sustainably sourced options from Catalina Offshore Products. Most of you know that we now also have our beer & wine license and have been offering local beers and wines. As with our food, we will be constantly rotating the beverage options, with a focus on San Diego breweries and vineyards.

Over the next month look forward to another of our popular Gourmet Burger Nights (Tuesday, 10/13) as well as “Fish & Chip” Night (Tuesday, 10/20). Our once a month Sunday Brunch is also coming up this Sunday, October 11th from 9am – 1pm. Our brunches have been getting more popular, so we do recommend reservations. Additionally, we’ve been filling up on Friday and Saturday nights, so reservations those nights are also recommended. If you want a slower pace or quieter evening, please join us on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Looking towards the end of the month, Halloween this year falls on Saturday. We will be open normal hours, 5pm-9pm, and will be in costume serving up some spooky treats, as well as candy for the trick or treaters. Feel free to stop by after 4pm with your children and your costumes to TRICK OR TREAT!

Many of you have been shopping from our to-go fridge and taking advantage of half price Saturdays on the pre-packaged to go items. The fridge has been packed with many goodies including our marinara, various pestos, soups, salads and desserts. This week we will be making another fresh batch of marinara, and with the change in season and the winding down of summer veggies this may well be the last batch for a while. But in preparation for cold and flu season we are working on a batch of “Fire Cider” – a powerful & healthy concoction to help ward off winter colds. We have personally used Fire Cider in our health regimen, and though potent, it seems to work great. Stay tuned for more details, we expect to have it ready by Halloween!

Lately several customers have chosen Garden Kitchen for their birthday and anniversary celebrations. Even though we are a small restaurant, we can absolutely accommodate these larger events and love to take special requests. With the holidays approaching, keep us in mind!

The San Diego weather has been so good to us this summer (a little hot at times…), but with cooling temperatures people have been asking what our plans are for the winter. Rest assured, we are working on getting the patio enclosed for the forecasted cold & wet weather so you will be able to enjoy our outdoor dining experience with wind, rain & cold protection.

If you’ve enjoyed your experience at Garden Kitchen, please tell your friends. Our quaint restaurant relies on word of mouth and positive reviews to stay busy. Feel free to review us on Yelp or follow us on Facebook to keep the positivity flowing. Thank you again for your loyal support and helping us keep our dream alive. We would not be able to do it without you or the hard work of our wonderful staff – Amanda, Katherine & Spencer. That’s all for now Garden Kitchen family, see you soon over your next “from scratch” meal!