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Easter Sunday Dinner

Posted Apr 08,2020 0 comments

Easter Sunday is almost here. We will be serving Easter Dinner for takeout. Our beautiful Easter dinner menu is posted here. Call the restaurant any day this week after 3PM to pre-order and arrange pick up time Sunday between 12pm and 7pm.

We are still doing dinners for take out Tuesday through Saturday, and adapting to each new set of requirements that are put in place. Our process of taking orders and payment by phone and spacing pickup times has been working great, we are additionally sanitizing the pens and pickup station between each order to ensure everyone’s safety. This Monday the Health Department added more restrictions for essential businesses, the good news is that we already had all the appropriate protocols in place. However there are a few things that you should be aware of when you come to pick up your dinner:

  • – We are requesting you wear your face mask when you enter as suggested by the County
  • – There is hand sanitizer at the entrance, if you don’t have your own please use it
  • – We are only allowing 2 guests on the patio at any one time, we’ve also marked with tape where to stand in order to stay the required 6-10 feet apart. We’ve already been spacing orders 10 minutes apart so you shouldn’t encounter other guests, however please be aware.
  • – While we love reusable bags, at this time we cannot allow you to bring any bags or boxes into the restaurant.

If you’re trying to avoid the grocery stores, we’ve been keeping our “Farmer’s Fridge” stocked up with pre-made, from scratch items like baguettes, hummus, marmalades, soups, tapenades, desserts, etc. Everything is listed on the website along with our dinner menu each day by 12pm- you can see the Farmer’s Fridge menu here. Be sure to check online before you call as our stock changes regularly.

You may have heard that the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control loosened their restrictions on license holders. While our license already allows us to sell beer and wine to go, we can now also offer our Famous House Made Sangria TO-GO! The price is 1 gallon (16+ servings) for $64, or 1/2 gallon $32. All wine, beer and sangria will be discounted 20%!

How can I help Garden Kitchen during this time you might ask? The best way as you know is to order dinner with a bottle of wine to enjoy in the comfort of your home! If you aren’t sure you want to venture out (which we totally understand), gift certificates are always an option, even better to buy for a friend and share the word of Garden Kitchen! You can purchase a gift certificate over the phone and we can hold it or mail it. Following and liking on Facebook and Instagram is a free and easy way to support us and keep seeing our menu updates, and of course we love our five star Yelp reviews.

We are EXTREMELY thankful for your support as we navigate these challenging times. It’s because of you that we are still open. We know it won’t be easy, but our plan is to be here the entire time. No matter how you choose to support us, we and our staff are grateful.

Thank you kindly for being friends, family, patrons and otherwise amazing customers that help support Garden Kitchen and team. Stay safe and healthy San Diego!