After 8 amazing years we lost our lease. If you are a fan of our restaurant, contact us to see what we are up to!

May 27, 2015 Wednesday

Garden Kitchen Menu, Wednesday 5/27/2015

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House Bread with Roasted Garlic & Kale Hummus   6

House Bread Grilled with Radish butter, Pea Sprouts, Golden Beets, Lemon Oil & Goat Cheese   6

Spicy Cheesy Stuffed Peppers   4

(try all three   6)

Warm the Soul Soup

Dual Spring Beet with Pea Sprouts   6/8

Crunchy Salad

Baby Lettuce, Bacon, Beefsteak Tomato, Gorgonzola, Vinaigrette   11

Spiral-Cut Apple & Red Cabbage with Strawberries, Pine Nuts & Honey Balsamic   11


Fodor Fish Tacos, Corn Tortillas, Salsa Fresca, Pickled Relish, Jalapeño Crema   10

Vegan Lasagna with House Bread   14

Sweet Tooth

Key Lime Cashew Cheesecake   7

Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse with Fresh Whipped Cream   7

Carrot Cake Batter Truffles   7