After 8 amazing years we lost our lease. If you are a fan of our restaurant, contact us to see what we are up to!

February 5, 2020 – Wednesday

Garden Kitchen Menu, Wednesday 2/5/2020

Fried Green Tomato southern spice, tempura battered green tomato, parmesan, creamy chive dressing   (GF) 14

French Onion Dip caramelized calcott onion, cashew cream, vegetable crudite, grilled bread   (V, can be GF) 14

Kitchen Sink 3 gourmet cheeses, salamis, house preserves & marmalades, pickled cucumber, beets & zucchini, garlic green beans, raw honey, candied figs, marinated olives, roasted nuts, sweet pickled watermelon radishes, house made whole wheat grilled bread (VO, can be GF) 20
~ add local honeycomb +7  ~  deluxe sink, 5 cheeses & double bread +8  ~
~ add double roasted bone marrow, parmesan, red wine onion jam & bread +16  ~
Suggested Wine: Garden Kitchen Sangria

Farmers Salad
Broccoli Blues sauteed broccoli & kale leaf & stem, caramelized onion & spaghetti squash, crispy bacon & broccoli, point reyes blue cheese, candied pecans, crispy onion, bacon dijon vinaigrette (VO,GF) 15

Winter Beet red leaf lettuce, beet duo, anjou pear, blood orange, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, white carrot ribbons, shaved fennel, olive oil & agave balsamic   (VO,GF) 14

Warm the Soul Soup
Cream of Rampicante heirloom squash, roasted carrot, creme fraiche, dill oil (VO,GF) 9/14

Fish & Chips local caught pink baquetta grouper, meyer lemon aioli, tempura battered butternut rings, dill garden salad, grilled lemon   ~malt vinegar upon request~ (GF)   25
Suggested Beer: Nickel Beer North Star Belgian Tripel     Suggested Wine: Aphros Vinho Verde 

Chimichurri Pork Belly slow cooked duroc pork belly steak, chimichurri sauce, cotija crumble, coconut rice & beans, curtido slaw, shaved radish, cilantro   (GF) 26
Suggested Wine: F. Rubio Herencia Rose

Duck Confit L’ Orange duck breast confit, housemade duck bone broth, l’ orange sauce, duck chicharron, caramelized onion spaghetti squash, grilled zucchini, carrot chips, scallion & cilantro, chili oil   (GF) 23
Suggested Wine: Trasiego White Blend

Linguine & Prosciutto housemade semolina pasta linguine, creamy bechamel sauce with shallot & dijon, prosciutto, wilted kale, sundried tomato, romano, parmesan, parsley   (VO, can be GF) 23/ 25
Suggested Wine: Cava Maciel Vino de Luna Chardonnay 

Farmers Delight soup, choice of salad, house bread & whipped herb butter (VO, can be GF) 23/24

Sweet Tooth 
NY Cheesecake classic graham cracker crust, cream cheese filling, meyer lemon curd   15
Suggested Bubbles: Avinyo Cava Reserva

Chocolate Tart coconut flour crust, dark chocolate ganache, lavender syrup, orange (V,GF) 14

Wine Lounge 1 Year Anniversary Dessert glass of Stehleon Vineyards “vin de paille” grenache blanc, Chocolate Lush white chocolate ginger truffle, english stilton blue cheese, parmesan shortbread, fresh fruit, candied nuts   (can be GF) 24
~ make it a perfect dessert for two, add an additional glass of vin de paille and extra truffle + 11 ~

(V)= Vegan (VO)= Vegan Option (GF)= Gluten Free
All food at Garden Kitchen is handcrafted from scratch using the freshest ingredients, opting for local & organic when possible. We also strive to use hormone & antibiotic free meats.