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February 26, 2019 – Tuesday

Garden Kitchen Menu, Tuesday 2/26/2019

Coconut Shrimp 6 wild shrimp, tempura battered, toasted coconut, valencia orange & chili flake dip, heirloom simpson lettuce, calabrian chile oil, cilantro   (GF) 15

Butternut Squash mexican spiced roasted butternut squash, chipotle crema, cotija crumble, escabeche, black olives, radish, cilantro   (VO,GF) 13

Kitchen Sink 3 cheeses, calabrese salami, carrot marmalade, golden beet maple spread, house preserves, peach mostarda, tarragon pickles, marinated olives, smoked nuts, raw honey, fresh fruit, sweet watermelon rind, italian anchocha cucumber, green beans, house made bread (VO, can be GF) 18 ~  deluxe sink, 5 cheeses & double bread  25
~ add roasted bone marrow with cotija & tomato-poblano jam  + 12

Suggested Drink: Garden Kitchen Sangria

Farmers Salad
Fennel Blues salanova lettuce, prosciutto, grand noir blue cheese, shaved fennel, strawberry, pomegranate, shaved chioggia, toasted walnuts, fennel frond, red onion, ramona gold olive oil & meyer lemon   (VO,GF) 14

Asian Arugula wild willow arugula, shoyu egg, snow peas, snap peas, blood orange, pea shoots, roasted golden beet, goat cheese, carrot ribbons, radish, sesame seed, dulse vinaigrette   (VO,GF) 13
~ add grilled shrimp + 5 ~

Warm the Soul Soup
Pumpkin Persimmon masque de provence, seminole, fuyu persimmon, tahini cream, dukkah (V,GF) 9/13

Chicken Empanada handmade pork fat flakey baked crust, jidori chicken, raisins & spanish olives, cotija crumble, heirloom green tomato chimichurri sauce, purple cabbage slaw, pepitas, cilantro   24
Suggested Wine: Santo Tomás Tempranillo Cabernet

Hanger Steak 4 hour sous vide, creamy dijon marinade, 12 hour jus, creamy fennel wild rice, gorgonzola dolce mousse, tatsoi, trumpet mushroom, roasted baby carrot, fennel flower   (GF) 28
Suggested Wine: Fallbrook Winery “Dalla Collina” Red Blend

Bone In Pork Chop brined & grilled sous vide chop, caramelized leek & cheddar bechamel mac n cheese, crispy onions & roasted spring vegetables, brown turkey fig jam   (GF) 25
Suggested Wine: “Millesimato” Extra Dry Prosecco

Mushroom Pesto Linguine handmade semolina pasta, radish leaf & hemp seed pesto, parmesan, sun dried tomato, snap peas, beech, portobello & trumpet mushroom   (VO) 22
Suggested Wine: South Coast Winery Sans Chene Chardonnay

Sweet Potato Chimichanga roasted sweet potato, flour tortilla, black beans, caramelized onion & wilted cabbage, smothered in butternut squash “nacho cheese”, chipotle crema, radish, pea-co de gallo, cilantro  (VO, can be GF) 22
Suggested Beer: Benchmark Blond Ale

Farmers Delight soup du jour, choice of salad, house made bread & whipped herb butter   (VO, can be GF) 20/22

Sweet Tooth
Mascarpone Cheesecake traditional cheesecake, mascarpone filling, graham cracker crust, noir chocolate glaze, kumquat preserve   15

Strawberry Panna Cotta italian strawberry custard, champagne gelee, fresh strawberry    (GF) 13

Lemon Pound Cake eureka lemon pound cake served warm, macerated winter strawberries, vanilla bean whipped cream   (VO,GF) 14

(V)= Vegan (VO)= Vegan Option (GF)= Gluten Free
All food at Garden Kitchen is handcrafted from scratch using the freshest ingredients, opting for local & organic when possible. We also strive to use hormone & antibiotic free meats.