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Garden Kitchen Friends & Family,

By now you have heard the news: In response to the Covid-19 outbreak the County of San Diego Department of Health has ordered all restaurants to cease dine in service with no food consumption allowed on premises, and the Mayor has followed suit with an executive order. That said, restaurants are still permitted to operate SELLING FOOD FOR TAKE OUT ONLY. Please note, to guarantee the integrity of our food we choose to not work with any delivery services. Please call in your order for pickup 619-431-5755. As of now this policy remains in effect until Tuesday, March 31.

We have been prepping our St Patrick’s dinner for a few days now, and while eating at the restaurant is no longer an option, our entire menu will be available for TAKE OUT for those who are interested. These are challenging times for sure, but Garden Kitchen will continue to do our best during this time.

Please note the following while these restrictions are in place:

  • – Our menu will continue to be posted daily by noon and will be available for take out during normal business hours 5-9pm for pickup.

  • – We will honor Happy Hour discounts if you order from 3-5pm. We will do our best to get the happy hour menu posted online shortly, but in the meantime feel free to call at 3pm and we’ll be more than happy to get you all the menu details you need.

  • – Grocery stores are a bit chaotic right now, so we will be stocking some of the basics in our cold fridge: fresh baked bread, fresh salads, soups and other quick pick up items such as hummus, pesto, cheese boards, desserts and more.

  • – Gift Certificates are available if you don’t want to leave home. You can purchase over the phone and we can mail them or hold for you on site.

  • – Last but most importantly: all wine and canned beer is available TO-GO and is 20% off. If you have a favorite we can have it ready with your Happy Hour or dinner order.  Please ask to see a wine menu when you pick up (or check here:  and we will gladly add it to your order.

This will be a difficult few weeks for many, please know we will be doing our best to be available for whatever you need. In addition, we are trying to keep our staff involved to minimize any financial setbacks. Please reach out with any questions or concerns and we will do our best to address them. Thank you kindly for being friends, family, patrons and otherwise amazing customers that help support Garden Kitchen and team.

Stay safe San Diego!