After 8 amazing years we lost our lease. If you are a fan of our restaurant, contact us to see what we are up to!

Summer isn’t over at Garden Kitchen

Posted Sep 07,2015 0 comments

Summer may be winding down, but the weather is still great for patio dining! With September now upon us, we have a few updates.

Tomorrow, Thursday 9/3, we are having Gourmet Burger night. The burgers are hand pressed organic, grass fed beef, we serve them on fresh baked buns, and of course there will be a vegetarian option. This Labor Day Weekend we are serving Sunday Brunch, hours are 9am – 1pm. On Thursday September 24 at 6:30 we will be hosting the monthly “Rolando Night Out,” which is an event coordinated by the Rolando Community Council to encourage residents to get to know their neighbors. As a new restaurant in town this is an honor and we look forward to meeting those who join us.

We are still looking forward to our beer & wine license. Our application is currently pending approval from the SDPD. Once they approve it will just be a matter of paperwork going through, so we’re crossing our fingers that it happens quickly. Once we get approved you will see some local beer and wine options that will compliment your dinner!

In an effort to improve our sustainability we have started saving our fruit & vegetable scraps for composting, if anyone would like it for their compost you are welcome to it. Reply to this email and we can give you more details. We already have someone who takes our fryer oil and converts it to biodiesel, so providing compost material is another step towards becoming a more sustainable restaurant.

It’s great to see new faces joining us each day at the restaurant, and the positive feedback continues to validate everything we’re doing. On Facebook¬†we’re near 600 likes, and we’re close to 30 five star reviews on Yelp. It’s great to meet new people who’ve come on a recommendation from a friend and leave making plans to come back. So thank you to all for helping us get the word out. And if you know anyone with a lemon tree let us know, we can always use lemons!

Remember to check out our to-go fridge filled with goodies- salads, ready to eat meals, desserts, as well as sauces and pickled vegetables! Many have asked about our 7 hour marinara that we make, we will have this available in the to-go fridge on Friday. We always take reservations as well as walk ins, just give us a call us at 619-431-5755. Our daily menu is also available to go, just phone in your order.

See you soon at Garden Kitchen over your next meal.

-Coral & Russ