After 8 amazing years we lost our lease. If you are a fan of our restaurant, contact us to see what we are up to!

Garden Kitchen in the comfort of your home

Posted Mar 25,2020 0 comments

We want to give you another quick update on what’s happening with Garden Kitchen amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the Governor’s stay in place order, restaurants are considered essential services, so we are hanging in there and continuing to crank out beautiful TO-GO dinners for our amazing supporters. We’re taking the sanitation and distancing guidelines seriously and have set up a streamlined system where we take orders and payment over the phone, space each pickup 10 minutes apart so there is minimal contact with other guests, and allow you to pick up right on the front patio for best spacial conditions, and nothing to touch other than your order.

We know many people are understandably trying to avoid the grocery stores, so we’ve also added our “Farmer’s Fridge” with pre-made, from scratch items like baguettes, hummus, marmalades, soups, tapenades, desserts, etc. Everything is listed on the website daily by 12pm, and as with our dinner menu this will change regularly so make sure to check online before you call.

Restaurants operate on notoriously thin margins, as we look around we’re seeing a lot of restaurants shutting down, some permanently knowing that a couple weeks of lost sales will be too much to bear, while others are closing temporarily hopeful that they’ll be able to get back on their feet when this is all behind us. We looked at all options, and for us the only option and the one we are comfortable with is to keep moving forward. From a financial standpoint, there isn’t an option to close, and of course our goal is to keep our staff employed until things are back to normal, and so far because of YOU, we have, though with reduced hours. We’re fortunate to have a flexible team, and with our takeout setup there is virtually no contact with customers so we feel that we’re protecting ourselves, our crew and the public as much as humanly possible. Luckily, we aren’t a large operation to begin with, with these new processes in place we’re limiting everyone’s contact — both staff and guests — to the absolute, bare minimum.

How can I help Garden Kitchen you might ask? The best way is of course to order dinner with a bottle of wine! Our wine list is available to go at 20% off, unlimited bottles. Now is the time to stock up your wine cellar!

If you aren’t sure you want to venture out, gift certificates are an option, a good bet is to buy for a friend and share the word of Garden Kitchen! You can purchase over the phone and we can hold it or mail it. Following and liking on social media is a free and easy way to support us and keep seeing our menu updates. (Facebook, Instagram, or if you’re bored you can write a Yelp review)

We are EXTREMELY thankful for the support over the past week. It’s because of your support that we are still open. We know it won’t be easy, but our plan is to be here the entire time. No matter how you choose to support us, we and our staff are grateful.

Thank you kindly for being friends, family, patrons and amazing customers that help support Garden Kitchen and team. Stay safe and healthy San Diego! We love you, Garden Kitchen owners, Coral & Russ Strong.