After 8 amazing years we lost our lease. If you are a fan of our restaurant, contact us to see what we are up to!

February 9, 2017 – Thursday

Garden Kitchen Menu, Thursday 2/9/2017

Jidori Chicken Wings crispy fried, tossed in lemon garlic sauce, bed of arugula   (GF)   8

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus farm carrot, chioggia beet, broccoli, house grilled bread   (V)   8

Smoked Mozzarella Sticks house made italian bread crumbs, gorgonzola cream   9   

Kitchen Sink 3 gourmet cheeses, grilled bratwurst, cornichons, pickled beets, roasted garlic, medjool dates, pear,roasted nuts, mixed olives, eggplant hummus, raspberry jam, citrus pickled fennel, grilled housemade bread   16
Suggested Drink: Garden Kitchen Sangria

Farmers Salad
Greek Pesto dickinson farm spinach, prosciutto & salami, beet pickled egg, cambozola, beldi olive, roasted beets & carrot, 3 rustic greens pesto, artichoke, crispy broccoli, shaved red onion, blue cheese dressing   (GF)  14

Heirloom Farmhouse  farm lettuce, goat cheese crumble, avocado, farm carrot & chioggia beet, roasted cauliflower & eggplant, shaved red onion, walnut dust, coriander flower, choice of dressing   (VO, GF)   13    

Warm the Soul Soup
Russian Borscht farm beets, heirloom cabbage, dill, lemon creme fraiche   (GF)   8/11

Cold Fighting Power Greens winter rustic greens, jalapeno, ginger, lemon & chile oil (VO,GF) 8/11

Karubi Pork Short Rib 3 ribs braised, blackberry bbq sauce, bok choy, eggplant, red pepper, carrot & cremini mushroom stir fry, cilantro & mint   (GF)   26
Suggested Wine: Chuparosa Vineyards Zinfandel

Cochinita Pibil Opah Tacos hawaiian opah fish marinated and slow roasted in a achiote & fresh cara cara orange juice, handmade corn tortillas, sauteed chard, cotija crumble, avocado mash, radish, pickled red onion, jalapeno & cashew chipotle cream, red jalapeno & grenache blanc hot sauce   (GF)   MP
Suggested Beer: Benchmark IPA

Italian Style Linguine & Meatballs semolina linguine, hand rolled extra large meatballs, 7 hour marinara, parmesan & romano, basil, housemade whole wheat garlic bread   (can be GF)   20
Suggested Wine: Chuparosa Vineyards Sangiovese Brunello

Chickpea Saag four rustic greens slow cooked in a tomato sauce, japanese eggplant, garlic basmati rice, caramelized onion naan bread, arugula, cilantro & mint chutney (V, GF no naan) 18
Suggested Wine: South Coast Winery Chardonnay Sans Chêne

Sweet Tooth
Red Velvet Cupcake natural coloring via beet juice, cocoa powder, cashew cream cheese frosting (V) 8

Almond & Pear Tart traditional pastry crust, marzipan, baked pears, almond whipped cream   8

Chocolate Mousse dark & milk chocolate swirl, chocolate petals, whipped cream   (GF)   7

(V)= Vegan (VO)= Vegan Option (GF)= Gluten Free
All food at Garden Kitchen is handcrafted from scratch using the freshest ingredients, opting for local & organic when possible. We also strive to use hormone & antibiotic free meats.