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February 8, 2018 – Thursday

Garden Kitchen Menu, Thursday 2/8/2018

Jumbo Scallops trio of scallops seared in guava beurre blanc, cilantro   (GF)   12

Chai Spiced Baked Brie brown sugar roasted butternut squash, baked brie, maple pecans, crostini 12

Southwest Steak Bites grilled flat iron, avocado, chipotle cream, lettuce, spring onion (GF) 10  

Kitchen Sink 3 gourmet cheeses, dry salami, citrus marinated olives, carrot marmalade, medjool dates, honey drizzle, fennel & blood orange hummus, dill pickled beets, coriander pickled green strawberries, whole wheat grilled bread   (VO, can be GF)   17  ~   5 cheeses & double bread   25    
~   add parmesan roasted bone marrow & extra bread to kitchen sink  +9   ~  
Suggested Drink: Garden Kitchen Sangria

Farmers Salad
Spinach, Arugula & Bacon wilted spinach & tossed arugula, whipped lemon goat cheese, smoked bacon, red wine reduction roasted beet, spiced walnuts, red onion, herb croutons, acv & dijon dressing   (VO,GF no croutons)   14

Strawberry Brie salanova butter lettuce, fresh strawberries, roasted butternut squash, grilled blood orange, Creamy brie, red onion, candied pecans, strawberry vinaigrette   (VO, GF)   13

Warm the Soul Soup
Split Pea karubi pork, caramelized onion, celery, carrot, creme fraiche, cracked pepper, fried sage (GF) 9/14

Power Greens  our best cold fighting soup, turnip greens, radish greens, carrot tops & beet greens, garlic, eureka lemon, ginger, house made green jalapeno tabasco   (V,GF)   8/12

Beef Bourguignon braised beef french stew, roasted bone marrow, lardon, red wine, bouquet garni, pearl onions, cremini mushrooms, carrot, celery, whole wheat grilled bread & meyer lemon herb butter   (GF no bread)   25    
Suggested Wine: Mesa Grande Cabernet Franc

White Seabass pan seared filet with crispy skin, white wine dashi broth, roasted carrot & celery, garlic sauteed mustard greens, poached beech mushrooms & hakurei turnips, bok choy kimchi, cilantro   (GF)   MP
Suggested Wine: Fallbrook Winery Sauvignon Blanc

Ginger Lamb 3 australian lamb chops bone in, ras al hanout & ginger roasted heirloom tomato sauce, meyer lemon orzo, crispy broccoli, dill cream    (can be GF)   23
Suggested Wine: Santo Tomas Tempranillo Cabernet

Mushroom Stroganoff housemade semolina pasta linguine, “ground beef” cremini mushroom, caramelized onions, white wine & italian herb roasted trumpet, cashew sour cream, fried shallots, parsley    (VO, can be GF)   20  
Suggested Wine: South Coast Winery Reserve Chardonnay

Farmers Delight choice of soup, salad, whole wheat bread & herb butter (VO, can be GF)   20/22

Sweet Tooth
Birthday German Chocolate Cake 6 layer chocolate cake, coconut pecan filling, noir chocolate ganache   14

Chocolate Cream Pie almond oat crust, milk chocolate pudding, vanilla bean whipped cream, hot fudge   (GF)   13

Carrot Cake Cheesecake almond & medjool date crust, cashew cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut & carrots, maple candied pecans   (V,GF)   12    

(V)= Vegan (VO)= Vegan Option (GF)= Gluten Free
All food at Garden Kitchen is handcrafted from scratch using the freshest ingredients, opting for local & organic when possible. We also strive to use hormone & antibiotic free meats.