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December 14, 2018 – Friday

Garden Kitchen Menu, Friday 12/14/2018

Avocado Mash corn tortilla chips, fuerte avocado mash, chipotle crema, pea-co de gallo   (V,GF) 14

Chevre of the Day housemade goat cheese, seasonal jam, whole wheat grilled bread, fresh fruit (can be GF) 12

Kitchen Sink 3 cheeses, calabrese salami, pickled raisins, baked apple, cantaloupe curd, carrot marmalade, strawberry jam, candied figs, beet chutney, marinated olives, mixed nuts, honey, garlic pickled cucumbers, sangria beets, fresh fruit, grilled whole wheat bread (VO, can be GF) 18
~ 5 cheeses & double bread   25 ~ roasted bone marrow & extra bread  +9
Suggested Drink: Garden Kitchen Sangria

Farmers Salad
Heirloom Arugula dickinson farm tuscan arugula, spanish ham, manchego cheese, golden beets, shaved carrot, nardello & corbaci pepper, mixed olives, pistachio, red onion, pomegranate shallot vinaigrette   (VO,GF) 15

Winter Fruit butter oak lettuce, sheep’s milk feta cheese, persimmon, pomegranate, grapefruit, valencia orange, fuerte avocado, toasted walnut, sweet pickled shallot, mint, evoo & agave balsamic (VO,GF) 14

Warm the Soul Soup
French Onion lamb & beef marrow stock, thyme, white wine, bone marrow, crostini, gruyere   (can be GF) 12/15

Creamy Green Tomato caramelized leek, marigold leaf, herbs, hemp seed pesto (VO,GF) 9/13

Spicy Pork Belly slow cooked pork belly, house made pork bone broth & umami gold spice, garlic brown rice, caramelized cabbage, gala apples & broccoli leaves, eggplant, green onion (GF) 23
Suggested Wine: South Coast Winery Sparkling Pinot Grigio

Linguine & Meatballs semolina linguine, three hand rolled organic, grass fed meatballs, african blue basil & fermented tomato sauce, romano cheese, sun dried tomato, wilted kale, toasted pine nuts, parsley (can be GF) 25
Suggested Wine: Vigneti del Vulture Pipoli Aglianico

Portobello “Mac & Cheese” white wine & garlic roasted portobello mushroom, roasted spaghetti squash, butternut squash cheddar bechamel, heirloom tomato, herb pangritata, truffle oil, parmigiano reggiano (VO, can be GF) 22
Suggested Wine: South Coast Winery Reserve Chardonnay

Mediterranean Lamb four grilled lamb lollipops, preserved lemon & harissa lentils, pomegranate, radish, sesame seed & eggplant baba ganoush, heirloom tomato salad, dill tzatziki, roasted garlic pita (can be GF) 25
Suggested Wine: Santo Tomás Tempranillo Cabernet

Caribbean Fish Stew coconut milk & fish fumet, lemongrass, lime zest & hungarian peppers, baqueta grouper, spinach, sweet potato, charred corn, snap peas, crispy broccoli, thai basil leaf, cilantro & scallion, chili oil (GF) 25 ~ add three jumbo sea scallops   + 10 ~
Suggested Wine: Santo Tomas Colombard

Farmers Delight soup du jour, choice of salad, whole wheat bread & whipped herb butter (VO, can be GF) 18/20

Sweet Tooth
Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart almond crust, noir chocolate & p.b. ganache, gala apple, maldon (VO, GF) 14

Apple Dumpling cinnamon sugar gala apple, baked in house made pastry crust, voyager caramel sauce, vanilla bean whipped cream (can be GF) 14 ~ add housemade vanilla bean ice cream +2 ~
Suggested Dessert Wine: Edwards Late Harvest Syrah

Cheese & Chocolate honey, gorgonzola, red wine goat cheese, humboldt fog, noir & white chocolate, champagne pickled blackberry, gala apple slices, apple bread (can be GF) 16
Suggested Dessert Wine: Edwards Censorship Port

(V)= Vegan (VO)= Vegan Option (GF)= Gluten Free
All food at Garden Kitchen is handcrafted from scratch using the freshest ingredients, opting for local & organic when possible. We also strive to use hormone & antibiotic free meats.