What does it really mean? Fresh, Sustainable & From Scratch?

Fresh should go without saying. We get organic produce from a variety of local farms, currently (9/11/2019) WD Dickinson, Agua Dulce Farm, Stehly Farms, Wild Willow Farm, Two Forks Farm, D’Acquisto Farms and Be Wise Ranch. We have people tell us the tomatoes they had on their salad were the best they ever had. What’s the secret? Freshness! Grown 15 miles away and picked within a day of eating. That’s it: fresh, plain and simple. You won’t see tomatoes on our menu when they are not in season.


We hear the word sustainable a lot these days, but what does it really mean? According to Wikipedia, sustainability is “the capacity to endure; it is how biological systems remain diverse and productive indefinitely.” It sounds complicated, but it’s not. For us being sustainable is about more than food. Of course we want food to be grown in a sustainable manner, but it also┬ámeans that we do what we can in all aspects of our business to minimize our impact on the Earth without compromising the quality of what we do. We try to minimize non recyclable waste and minimize our footprint.

Being sustainable means that:

– we serve predominantly local, seasonal & organic produce
– we buy meat from suppliers who never give the animals routine antibiotics or growth hormones
– we serve locally produced beer
– we serve locally produced wine from winemakers who support sustainable farming practices
– we recycle all paper, glass & plastic that we use … we routinely generate more recyclable waste than landfill waste, and fill only one city waste bin! (The same bin that some families fill weekly)
– we use paper straws to reduce plastic consumption
– we give away our fryer oil to be converted to bio-diesel
– we don’t use styrofoam: Hot “to go” food is served in recyclable paper containers, cold is served in recyclable plastic clamshells, drinks are in compostable corn based plastic cups


When you hear the words “From Scratch” it might sound intuitive, don’t most restaurants make their food from scratch? It’s actually more rare than you think. You may hear of places baking fresh bread, or maybe an Italian place makes their pasta, or a good Mexican restaurant hand presses their tortillas. Well, at Garden Kitchen we make EVERYTHING fresh and from scratch.

Not only are dishes handcrafted fresh daily, but we make our bread, croutons, pasta, tortillas, salad dressing, deserts and ice cream all from scratch. We even pickle our own jalapenos, and have experimented making our own mustard, ketchup and hot sauce! This means that not only is everything you eat at Garden Kitchen fresh and wholesome, but also that it will NEVER contain any preservatives or any artificial additives. We’ve used beet juice to make red velvet cake and spinach juice to make green sangria! Now that is fresh eating!